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The Modern Western Numerals
In the contemporary Jewish Society, the digits of the numeral system are expressed by the European glyphs, also called the Western Arabic numerals 0,1,2,3..9, {originated from the Hindu-Persian-Arabic numerals} even though these symbols don’t appear in any authoritative Jewish book such as Tanakh, Talmud, Mishnah, and Midrash. It is important to note that in Persian and Arabic, these numbers are expressed as ٠‎ – ١‎ – ٢‎ – ٣‎ -٤‎ – ٥‎ – ٦‎ – ٧‎ – ٨‎ – ٩.

Numerical Value (Gematria or Abjad)
Traditionally, the numbers are represented by Hebrew Letters. In this numerological system called Gematria, each Hebrew letter is represented by a number. For example, א (Alef) = 1, ב (Bet) = 2, and so on. One can then calculate the numerical value of a word by adding together the values of each letter in it.

Numerical Value as an Analytical Tool
Among other techniques, computer science uses the numeral checksum to verify data integrity. It is a value as the sum of the correct digits of transmitted or stored data, against which later comparisons can be made to detect errors. As such, it is similar how mystic use the sum of letters based on their given numerical values, to verify, better understand, draw a connection to parallel equivalent words, verses, and concepts, in order to come to larger conceptual conclusions.

Gematria as Sacred Geometry (geōmetriā)
In addition to the method mentioned above, there are other concepts that transmit additional information such as that of figurative numbers, for example, every integer number has one or more distinctive geometric shapes which allow us to give it visual form. However, the mystic also uses the forms and shapes of the Hebrew letter to interpret the multi layered information.

The Decimal System
As the decimal system is commonly used, the question arises, as of which Hebrew letter represents the decimal number Zero?

The Hebrew Alphabet and the visible universe

The smallest Hebrew letter, Yud represents the infinite source of potential, illustrated as a ‘small’ dot. In the realm of our quantum reality, it is the archetypal source of the big bang, and as such, it inter-includes the whole universe. In other words, everything that exists is just a combination and multiplication of small Yuds. Akin to quantum dots particles that are used in display technology, which have a different optical and electronic properties compared to those of larger particles. Consequently, Yud is also the basis for all other Hebrew letters. When we observe other Hebrew letters we find that seven letters can graphically be found in their shapes. Lastly, there are also three letters, which are referred to as mother letters.


Few mystical concepts related to the first Hebrew letter: Alef אָלֶף

  • Ein Sof אֵין סוֹף; stands for the Infinite, referring to the Divine.
  • Elohim אֱלֹהִים name used to refer to our Creator.
  • Adam אָדָם means “human”
  • Aluf אָלוף means Master, Lord or Chief.
  • Ehad אֶחָד (lit. “one”) refers to true oneness of duality and as we see below, it entails also the secret key to achieve harmonious oneness, based on the legacy of King David.
  • Emet אֱמֶת means “truth” and is equated with Tiferet “beauty” or “glory” and Rachamim “compassion,” “mercy” and “harmony.” {balancing of Chesed and Gevurah}
  • Ahava אַהֲוָא means “love”. אָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ “Love your next as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18). Karma or boomerang, the hand { יָד Yad} we receive is the hand we gave {Karma}.
  • Or אוֹר means light.
  • Ulfana אולפנה refers to a school of learning or teacher.
  • Alef is also associated with the word פלא, pela (pronounced peleh). That is when we read the word Alef back­wards and it means wondrous or secret.
  • Alef embodies the secret key to get from exile to redemption, as the missing letter א between the words גולה—golah (ex­ile) and גאולה—geulah (redemption).

The shape of the letter Alef and quantum- classical consciousness

By looking at the letter, we find a few other letters and symbols incorporated in Alef:

  • Yud resembles the dot, source, point, concealed and ineffable, {The quantum consciousness}
  • Vav resembles the “invisible” hierarchical line {The vertical line of the vav represents hierarchy and order}, hook, connector, and interface and {The connector and the interface between the quantum and classical reality (consciousness)}
  • Dalet resembles the surface, revealed, definable, dwelling {What we experience as our reality, Dira Betachtonim Hebrew:  דירה בתחתונים‎ is a dwelling for the Divine in the lowly realms, namely in our level of consciousness, also referred to as classical consciousness}

teaching us among another concept about the gateway from the initial infinite source of the quantum reality (consciousness) to what we experience as finite phenomena of time and space, in our level of classical consciousness.


The 23rd Hebrew letter and the quantum states of zero and one

The traditional Hebrew alef-bet contained 22 revealed letters and one previously hidden letter. The hidden letter is also an ALEF, however, up to the present day, we did not have a letter representing number zero. The hidden Alef will represent the numerical value for number zero and the revealed Alef represents the numerical value for number one, which makes the 23rd Hebrew letter. Therefore, the letter Alef represents the state of superposition, which is the fundamental principle of quantum mechanics or the quantum logical qubit state, as used in quantum information processing, which is a linear superposition of the “basis states” of zero and one.

Alef-bet the DNA of creation

The mystics teach us that the alphabet is the DNA and the building block of the creation.


The DNA and our 23rd chromosome

A chromosome is a packaged and organized structure containing most of the DNA of a living organism. In us humans, each cell – normally – contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. One chromosome from each of our 23 pairs came from each of our parents. Twenty-two of these pairs (Total 44 chromosomes) {autosomes} look the same in both males and females and are labeled with numbers 1-22. However, the 23rd pair {allosome}, the sex chromosomes are unique as they differ between males and females and they are labeled with their letters. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. Below we can see the exact same concept of the 23rd chromosome, the sex chromosomes are also incorporated in the letter Alef.

The 22 pairs of chromosomes and the word Adam

The Hebrew, Arabic and Persian word for “man” ADAM (آدم , אָדָם) is made up ALEF (א, آ) with the numerical value of 1 and DAM (דם, دم) “blood,” and Farsi for “breath,” {In Farsi DAM means also Nafas (نفس). The word for “breath” and “pulse”} which has a numerical value of 44 representing the 22 pairs of our chromosomes.


The 23rd sex chromosomes and the 23rd Hebrew letter

As mentioned above the 23rd Chromosomes demonstrates our biological sex of female or a male. By looking at the shape of the letter Alef א, we see it entails 3 symbols:

Upper right: This symbol represents the Eve, feminine and the female, finite, logical disjunction, inclusive, inhale, broad, right brain hemisphere, the head, the moon, and more.

Lower left: This symbol represents the Adam, masculine and the male, infinite, logical conjunction, exclusive, exhale, focused, left brain hemisphere, the body, the sun, and more.

The “invisible” connector: | This symbol defines the order among the upper and the lower and hierarchical interface among two entities. It represents the serpent, the penis, the neck, the corpus callosum, earth’s magnetic field and more.


The numbers use to be written with other symbols: 0,1,2 …

As we can see the is the symbol used for number seven {representing the feminine, the seventh day of rest, the Shabbat queen}

And is the symbol used for the number eight {representing the masculine, the day that a male is circumcised}

And the | is the symbol used for number one. {Representing different paradoxical concepts, such as the Divine, and the invisible connector}

As we can see, the letter Alef is containing the gender information among other information, however, it provides us information about the right hierarchy if we are about to find harmony between the two sexes.

Adam + Hava + vav = secret = 70